RE: RE: You're facial beard (hair) makes you look suck aka lazy

This blog post is the latest instalment in a story you can tell your grandchildren around the campfire:

  1. The Stoic dismissed facial hair.
  2. My little feelings were displaced.
  3. The Stoic was utterly perplexed.
  4. Read on for my response.

I'd like to start by saying thank you for reading my posts and engaging with my words. I hope you will be willing to continue the conversation on to create some buzz buzz and because I need audience. Below, I answer your request for clarification on what I meant by 'provocative fallacies', and address a few cheeky digs that I'm too small to ignore.

I understand what a fallacy is. It's the use of invalid or otherwise faulty reasoning in the construction of an argument. I thought a lot of your points were a bit fallacious. I didn't quote them because they were comically provocative (they almost criticised themselves) and there was so so many of them. Frankly, I would find it very boring to dissect your ramblings, but since you've asked, I'll give an example. This is from your original post:

take chest hair for example, that shit adds at least another 10 years to your perceived age and is a real turn-off to 99% of women. Do you really think having a beard is any different?

Maybe I only bed the 1%, but I've had generally good feedback. I've also never stripped to the reaction that I look 33 years old (ten years older). But if you don't believe me, I've found a study that says only 19% of women find chest hair unattractive. There's a good few similar studies, and I don't think any of them would get anywhere near 99%, unless the sample was taken from a paedophile ring. I also notice the straw man tagged on, in which you compare beard hair to chest hair. As it happens, yes, I do think having a beard is quite different.

For some reason I feel as if I have to defend my own beard. I am in the category that you suggested it is actually okay to have a beard. I am 23 and yes, I do look 12 without facial hair. No, it is not a neck beard; yes, my face is kept clean; and no, it's not unkempt, it is short, tidy and smells good. You seemed to take issue that I referred to my piece as a mane because “Manes are for male lions in the animal kingdom”. Believe it or not, I am a lion. I have dirty paws, an arousing roar and a mane that would titillate even you, should you ever run your fingers through it. You would be more than welcome to.