I'm simply quite bored at the moment. I miscalculated how much time I wanted back at the parent's house. Taking a total of two weeks at Christmas now seems very excessive. I can't see girls or friends as comfortably as normal so I'm finding myself with not much to do. Anticipate some more blog posts with not much to say. I'm actually looking forward to going back to work 🙄

Surely there must be something online to get angstdignant over! ;–)

The internet is too big, I don't like it. I've already consumed quite a bit of good content from her today. I feel like I have now a bit of an opening for some e-communication. Anything slow paced though is not my speciality as I'm a slow replier to the point it becomes more like a task than recreation. Which is why I enjoyed the intensity of Omegle as a teen. I spoke to a lot of people back then.

I upgraded my membership here to pro. It was mainly out of stupidity, because adding static pages to my blog isn't worth the additional dollars. Actually, only now am I realising that it costs less in £, so it's not as much as I originally thought. I'm happy to support this place and I've already been going for a year, so it likely isn't a fad that I'll get bored of in 2020.

I start thinking about whether the chosen topic is consistent with past topics. I get caught in thinking posts have to be a certain length. And it goes on

I had this problem when I first started blogging. I created a separate blog for non consistent content. With less restrictions, the new blog turned out to aide creativity far better than the original. For me, I'm not too keen on any identity I have becoming a brand.