I'm scared I made the wrong decision when I decided to quit a job I enjoy. Did I do it for career / cash like a

full-fledged capitalist pawn

Or did I do it for change and the never-ending pursuit of the greenest grass?

I got a second, third and tenth opinion, and yeah I was being messed around by the employer. I didn't have the courage to tell them to fuck off, so I told them I had a new squeeze on the horizon so they'd finally up their money.

They did and I said yes, “give me that raise”. And to the new company I also said yes, “give me that job”. Meanwhile I'm live-squeaking the whole thing to colleagues. I look like a messy drama queen sat on a fence not knowing whether the fuck either side has anything interesting to offer.

I've decided to quit the job I enjoy but I don't have the conviction to hand in my notice. I channel my conviction into storming to the window to shoo away the pigeons who think they live on my balcony. But the patter is just rain, and there's no tiny vermin feet to scare from the sill.

A new desk neighbour moved in next to me this week. If it wasn't a gorgeous Spaniard who flutters her eyelashes as she begs me to stay, maybe I'd be out the door (or (fifth floor) window) much quicker.