I struggle with writing. To produce anything I'm proud of takes time because something written for the first time is littered with things I don't like. I constantly revise the vast majority of posts as I write. Depending on the tone of the post, and the incremental value I want each word to have, one paragraph can take as long as an hour to type. I love stream of consciousness writing but reading it back can be frustrating.

I will have repeated myself across sentences. One sentence will not be well enough linked to the previous one. I'm terrible with speling and missing out words. Sentences will not be in a preferable order. There could be a better word to use or a clearer turn of phrase. It's impossible to get it write first time (ha!) just because I don't know where a piece is going until it's gone there. I only know what's wrong when I've seen it.

I'm a massive perfectionist. I'm constantly going back to old posts to re-engineer a sentence or swap out a word. I do the same with the reports I produce at work, probably with some detriment to productivity. By having this sober thoughts blog, I sought to have a place where perfectionising wasn't necessary. It's not pure brain dumps around here, but it's probably as close as I'm going to get.

There's no post on hereisdistant.co.uk that hasn't been touched up on a day after its original posting. Recently I've spent a lot of time going over every single post making sure a hair isn't out of place. There was a lot fluff. Whole paragraphs got culled unless there was a nugget of interesting phraseology or an idea that actually added something. The longer pieces barely resemble what they started out as. See in particular:

On Religion On Mental Illness On Salary On Football

After a year of blogging I think I've found my blogging voice and it's not here on sober thoughts (this is just my voice as it is down the pub albeit a bit more personal). I've moved posts from hereisdistant.co.uk to here if they don't meet the standards I've self-imposed. I'm proud of hereisdistant.co.uk and could potentially show it to people I know in real life.

I might rework this into something called 'On Writing' at some point that says all the same things, but in a better and clearer way.