I have a question, Write.as: is journaling considered “writing” to you? If so, why? If not, why not? I feel I do a hell of a lot of journaling on here (and try to tell a story now and again), but, what do YOU (the person reading this) consider an act of genuine #writing?

For me, yes. In my opinion, or at the least in how I perceive my writing, there isn't such a clear boundary between journaling and other forms of writing. If journaling is

exploring thoughts and feelings surrounding the events of your life

then that seems a broad area to not call writing. I am often quick to diverge from the format “this happened” and “it made me feel like this” but I'd find it hard to write anything that isn't exploring my thoughts and feelings in some way.

In the same way I don't see a clear distinction between fiction and nonfiction in writing. Writing makes it's own reality. It can never fully represent physical manifestations, so the extent to which it deviates could be seen as a sliding scale, rather than there being a point when nonfiction turns into fiction; when journaling turns into “writing”.

I wouldn't necessarily label my blogging as “journaling” but my posts do a job of recording my life and how I feel.