I felt an odd sense of relief when I saw two other posters who were with me against LouLou's blogging guide. If the need for external validitation would kindly fuck off, I could set the table with the a nicer tablecloth. I think (who doesn't) I've internalised the need for expertise to the extent that I have no faith in my opinions. This is why I'm so quiet in real life and actually why I came to a blog in the first place.

In other news I've been blogging less because I've been busy, which is nice. For me, I think there are some causal relationships with

  1. Busyness to happiness

  2. Sadness to blogging

and, to be fair, a positive correlation between

Three. Busyness and alcohol consumption

Having said that, I'm seeing someone at the moment who doesn't drink. This is actually quite handy for my health.

Wishing peace to everyone x