Hey Anonymous and everyone else.

Do you really have to make your denouncements of PUBLIC shopping lists PUBLIC? C'mon can we all please care a little more about the time others have and not all work towards devaluing read.write.as?

For stuff that tells others to “uncheck the 'publish to read.as' option”, please uncheck the 'publish to read.as' option when posting.


Like others on here, I like to read feedback and reactions to my content. Anonymous, It was interesting to read your opinions on what should be considered private, although I would like to remain the authority on whether my posts are written for an audience (fyi, they are). I try to write the kind of content that I would find interesting read, and I realise that will never be to everyone's tastes.

I suggest you read the community guidelines if you would like to be better informed about what read.write.as is, and what isn't acceptable here.

We are an open community for everyone to share their thoughts freely.

If you don't agree with these policies, you can also join another community powered by the same software behind Write.as, or even start your own.