At home

I do all sorts of things. I put things in places where they fit. I also move and use things until I see them out the corner of my eye lying where they do not belong. I'm usually too lazy to get up from whatever or whoever's bullshit is softening my brain. I sleep and I get up for another day. I've decided to visit South East Asia next year.

At work

I don't get frustrated easily but I this week I've vented a couple of times about some general workplace snags. Some older employees snarled at me, doing a bad job at hiding their reason for doing so. I, the mildly ambitious and optimistic youngster, was finally realising that things aren't as rosy as they might seem. Nope, I thought, I can complain without hating my job and life. I can enjoy myself before I too become as jaded as them.

At the Supermarket

Late, I plod through the aisles, knackered from football and bloody starving to boot. I was perplexed that soup tends towards having less than 100 calories. I'm going to need more than that to give me enough energy to clean my teeth and write a blog entry in a bed.

At Everywhere

forces a smile, holds the door open for someone